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黃島主 | 10th Jul 2016, 9:20 PM | 島主生活日記 | (2283 Reads)


















[1] Good Morning!!!!!

Good Morning Master Wong! I have been reading your post for almost 9 years now but this is only the second time I surface. I am at my internship now, have nothing to do to an extent that I begin to re-read your blog hahaha. Yours posts during 2006-2008 were so refreshing, and several readers' comments are particularly intriguing. Do you remember Foster and Linda? Of course I do not know them but the interactions between you and them somehow deepen my understandings of your posts. Well I guess Tokyo being such a popular Asian metropolis, it is natural for it to "modify" so to serve the biggest spenders. Despite the fact that Tokyo can no longer surprise you, it is still nice to get away from this sticky and suffocating city.

[引用] | 作者 anantaskye | 11th Jul 2016 10:19 AM | [舉報垃圾留言]

I must say, when i read your message here, i was so touched.

Sometime, if u guys do not float up, I really could not imagine there be some people reading and following here for such long period of time.

U said u have been here for alomost 9 years, that means u came here as a secondary student first and then coming up as a u-student. So, if u say u r 2nd internship, what do u mean? u mean 2nd year trainee? are u in law profession in that regard?

I think i most appreciate my articles in 2009 to 2010, which i consider i attended the highest. After 2010, i found my identity has been disclosed and therefore i, unwillingly, wrote less, and i admit i don't want to disclose so much as i did before.

Fostercity, was one of the brilliant business man and reader of tofa island, and i believe he has left here now. For Linda, i think she is still here. How about Kittykat? i like her so much too. They are top and bright people in real world too which i believe.

[引用版主回覆] | 作者 黃島主 | 12th Jul 2016 12:45 AM


去日本旅遊, 蟹道樂真係必去!

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[4] Re: 黃島主
黃島主 : I must say, when i read your message here, i was so touched.Sometime, if u guys do not float up, I really could not imagine there be some people reading and following here for such long period of ...

I promise I will show up more often! Well Master Wong, learning takes time, I wouldn't want to leave any absurd comment and being ousted from tofa island. You and your blog have accompanied my several important transitions with serenity and wisdom. I treasure this place, very very very much.

It was a bumpy ride - but yes, I am now an English major student in CUHK. I am considering to take a postgrad degree relating to legal compliance.

Whoever disclosed your identity without your permission shall have my sincerest gratitude.

Rereading your posts makes me wonder how stupid I was not to pick up the obvious clues. How could I miss Kittykat! So as 浪人 and 奇異烏!

[引用] | 作者 anantaskye | 12th Jul 2016 4:48 PM | [舉報垃圾留言]


祝島主減肥成功! 通常瘦左先有動力去買衫... XDDD

[引用] | 作者 mc | 18th Jul 2016 9:47 AM | [舉報垃圾留言]